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Find your perfect property match! Using our commercial property look up, you can lease with confidence.

Finding the perfect property within the City of Yarra or City of Port Phillip for your business can be hard, that’s why we’ve made it simple with our easy-to-use property lookup portal.

In just a few minutes view a report which includes property details, council demographics, and council permit details.

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Looking to lease a commercial property, but not quite sure if the place you like is fit for purpose?  

If you’ve found a property based in the City of Yarra or City of Port Phillip, you can use this platform to quickly gather all the necessary information you need at both a State and Local Government level, so you can avoid costly mistakes.


This easy to use property ‘look up’ provides not only property, zoning and overlay details, but also localised demographic and council permit information, as well as links to council business concierge programs.